5 Billions of users in the world are under cellphone radiation threat


01/Identify Source

Radim helps you to identify the source of radiations in your surroundings.

02/Radiation Exposer

Calculates amount of time you are exposed to cellphone radiations.


We help you to mitigate the radiations by giving alerts, reminders on danger levels.


Provide you helpful prevention tips to stay healthy.



  • Radica detect all radiation sources in your surrounding and displays radiation intensity.

  • Alerts you about Cautious or Danger radiation level.



  • Track daily radiation patterns

  • Intensity meter monitoring 

  • Exposure time and distance

  • Threshold for daily usage

  • Symptom tracking

  • Radiation prevention tips


Globalization concept

Every wireless device is actually a two-way microwave radio that sends and receives a type of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation called radio frequency radiation RF – EMF. This machine-made radiation is millions of times higher than the natural electromagnetic fields (EMFs) our grandparents were exposed to...

All cell phones and wireless devices emit radiation.

Sheet Music

Cell phone manuals state the phone should be held at specified distance. Look into user manual for home phone, laptop or printer, it will state that the device should be at least

Wireless device has print instructions that specify a distance between the device and use

Holding Phones

According to the International Agency for the Research on Cancer.

“the average radio frequency radiation energy deposition for children exposed to mobile phone RF is two times higher in the brain and 10 times higher in the bone marrow of the skull, compared with mobile phone use by adults”...

Our brains and bodies are penetrated by this radiation.

Image by Louis Reed

Studies are being conducted in India on the issues related to Health effects of Radiations emitted from mobile Phone & mobile Phone Tower. Cell phone is associated with reproductive dysfunctions, male infertility, neurological disorders,and promote cancer if any, in Human Volunteers...

Side-Effects of Harmful Radiation from Mobile Phones and Wireless Devices.

Communication Tower

A powered on cell phone is always “checking in” and maintaining a connection to the nearest cell tower by sends intense bursts of radiation several times per second. Likewise, a wireless-enabled laptop, tablet or other device is always “checking in” with the nearby router or a network base...

Cell phones emit radiation constantly, even when you are not using the phone.

Image by Annie Spratt

patients regularly carried their smartphones directly against their breasts in their brassieres for up to 10 hours a day, for several years, and developed tumors in areas of their breasts immediately underlying the phones...

Multifocal Breast Cancer in Young Women with Prolonged Contact with their Cellular Phone.



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